Gyeonggi Province develops Gyeonggi Library brand as symbol of extension, sharing, change and connection

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○ Gyeonggi Library brand development: designed with the vision and philosophy of becoming Gyeonggi Province’s representative library

○ Completed brand registration with KIPO for future utilization in various promotional materials and souvenirs

Gyeonggi Province has unveiled brand elements – such as symbols (insignia), logos and emblems – of the Gyeonggi Library, the province’s representative library that is scheduled to open in 2025.

Gyeonggi Province announced on March 23 that it has confirmed symbol design and completed trademark registration with the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO) through a brand development service for Gyeonggi Library and resident surveys since October last year.

After consultations with design advisors, the province established the following four key facets of the Gyeonggi Library: (1) open new cultural horizons (Extension); (2) share cultural enjoyment and achieve welfare in knowledge information (Sharing), (3) discover future values and promote smart transition (Change); and (4) connect past, present and future generations (Connection).

Based on this, the Gyeonggi Library symbols integrate curves and straight lines to convey the library’s exterior. The dynamic curves represent the “horizon” while the intersection of two curves symbolizes “connected with knowledge,” illustrating the Gyeonggi Library’s future-oriented values.

In addition, the design depicting a snail “moving forward slowly yet steadily in the pursuit of knowledge” originated from the Snail Library, which was selected as the Gyeonggi Library’s nickname (sobriquet) in a 2020 naming contest.

The province plans to utilize the symbols with a unified design and graphics in the library’s construction process in the coming years, pursuing the realization of a firm brand value for the Gyeonggi Library by using the symbol in various promotional materials and library souvenirs.

Lee Hwa-jin, Director General of Gyeonggi Province’s Lifelong Education Bureau, said, “We expect the library brand to increase national awareness of the Gyeonggi Library, which will represent Gyeonggi Province.” She added, “Moving forward, we will share the major construction processes with residents to make it a provincial library for and by the people.”

The Gyeonggi Library is slated for construction in Gyeonggi Convergence Town in Yeongtong-gu of Suwon City. It will have a total floor area of 27,775 square meters with 4 levels below ground and 5 floors above ground. The entire project budget amounts to KRW 110.1 billion. Construction of the library, the largest in the province and future home to 900,000 titles, will begin this year with opening scheduled for 2025.