Gyeonggi Province operates mobile repair centers for boats in fishing regions

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○ Aims to reduce financial burden on fishermen and prevent maritime accidents in remote fishing regions
○ Details: Inspection and repair of fishing equipment and financial assistance for replacing small parts
○ Eligibility: Fishermen registered with fishery organizations in seven fishing regions, including Gukhwado, Pungdo, Gimpo (Hangang), and Paju

The Gyeonggi Province Maritime & Fisheries Research Institute will operate mobile repair centers for fishermen in regions with limited access to repair centers for maintaining fishing equipment.

The mobile repair center program will see technicians visit fishing regions to inspect and repair fishing equipment at no cost; it will also provide regional fishermen with financial assistance for replacing small parts.

The technicians will be divided into two teams, one responsible for sea fishing areas and the other for inland fishing areas. They will visit ports to inspect and repair engines, spark plugs, fuel lines, handheld transceivers, fish finders, boat navigation lights, radars, GPS devices, and more.

Supported areas will include the seven fishing regions of Gimpo (Hangang), Paju, Bukpaju, Gapyeong, Yeoncheon, Gukhwado, and Ansan, focusing on fishermen registered with fishery organizations.

Financial assistance of up to KRW 200,000 per individual for replacing parts will be provided twice a year with a cost limit of KRW 100,000 for each replacement; costs in excess of that amount shall be borne by the beneficiary.

Kim Bong-hyeon, President of the Gyeonggi Province Maritime & Fisheries Research Institute, said, “We hope the mobile repair center program provides practical assistance to fishermen in remote regions. We will work on expanding the program so that more fishermen can benefit.”

Gyeonggi Province ran this program last year, repairing and inspecting 109 fishing boats in seven fishing regions including Paju and Gimpo.