Gyeonggi Province establishes plan to create trash-free ocean

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○ Province establishes enforcement plan to manage ocean waste and contaminated marine sediment
○ Seven strategies and 12 tasks devised for ocean waste prevention, waste processing and awareness promotion
○ New strategies to purchase floating waste of fishing industry and to test facilities that block floating debris

Gyeonggi Province announced on January 23 that it had established an enforcement plan to manage ocean waste and contaminated marine sediment with the goal of realizing a cleaner ocean in 2022.

The province outlined seven strategies and 12 tasks for this plan including the prevention of ocean waste and contaminated marine sediment, as well as the processing of waste and enhancement of public awareness.

The main projects include expansion of ocean waste clean-up activities (1,570 tons), engagement of marine guardians (37 personnel), replacement of styrofoam buoys with eco-friendly alternatives for fish farms (7,334 buoys), strengthened crackdowns on illegal fishing and marine waste disposal (twice annually, 60 days), improvement of fishing environments (137 hectares), employment of fishing environment guardians (16 personnel), and staging of Ocean Clean-up Day (monthly).

Of particular note, the province plans to utilize a marine cleanup ship launched in December 2020 to collect 150 tons of deposited waste. It will also test facilities that block floating debris on provincial streams and undertake purchasing programs to prevent the dumping of gear by the fishing industry so as to prevent marine debris.

Aside from these initiatives, Gyeonggi Province will create waste collection sites, including a floating waste depository, to facilitate ocean waste collection. It also plans to expand the foundation for ocean waste management by training fishermen to raise public awareness about ocean preservation.

Maritime and Fisheries Division Director Kim Seong-gon said, “We will do our utmost to ensure that there are no blind spots in ocean waste management so as to create a cleaner ocean for Gyeonggi Province.”