Gyeonggi Province publishes/distributes climate change education textbook for elementary schools

Createdd 2021-08-16 Hit 23


○ Distribution of climate change education textbooks (14,000 copies) to elementary schools (grades 3 and 4)
– Fosters integrated thinking regarding climate change and encourages related practices in daily life
– Written by climate change education experts and environmental instructors
○ Training for teachers and textbook utilization

Gyeonggi Province is distributing its newly published climate change education textbook for elementary school students so as to provide systematic climate change education.

Last year, Gyeonggi Province and the Gyeonggi Provincial Office of Education agreed that a climate change education textbook was necessary for school curricula. They then began to develop such a textbook with relevant experts.

With the acceleration of the climate crisis, carbon neutrality has become a worldwide concern. In response, this textbook was created so that elementary school students in Gyeonggi Province can develop integrated thinking ability and practice environmental protection in their daily lives. Climate change education experts and environmental instructors participated in the creation of the textbook in order to enhance its quality and utility.

The content of the textbook, titled Climate is Changing, can be connected to the curricula of the third and fourth grades of elementary school. The textbook consists of four chapters—Climate Change & My Family, My Community, My Country, and The World—through which students can gradually broadern their perspectives. Each chapter is presents climate change phenomena, reasons, and countermeasures. In addition, the textbook contains everyday stories and cartoon contents so that elementary school students can better understand and maintain continuous interest in climate change issues.

Through a demand survey of elementary schools in Gyeonggi Province, 100 schools requested 12,000 copies of the textbook. It will be distributed to schools from August 18 for use as auxiliary material in climate change education for third and fourth grade students from the second semester through curricular and creative activities.

※ 14,000 copies distributed to 288 libraries (in Gyeonggi Province), 18 climate change education centers, and 31 cities/counties

To enhance textbook utilization, Gyeonggi Province will produce online instructor training content consisting of teaching methods, textbook use, and application cases. In addition, the province will provide training programs to those teachers who will undertake climate change education utilizing the textbook, which is expected aid teachers greatly.

Gyeonggi Province will conduct a satisfaction survey of students and school teachers who receive the textbook, and improve the contents based on the survey results.

Kim Gyeong-seop, Director of the Climate Energy Division of the Gyeonggi Provincial Government, said, “We will provide constant support for climate change education so that future generations, including elementary and middle school students in Gyeonggi Province, understand the severity of the climate crisis and are capable of addressing climate change.”