Gyeonggi Province launches technology convergence verification support for AR/VR applications in different industries

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○ Gyeonggi Province selected 10 consortia for its AR/VR technology convergence verification support program.
– Selected final consortia after supporting connections between technology suppliers and technology-seeking enterprises for two months
○ This program is expected to foster exemplary cases that can help existing industries by such means as increasing productivity and reducing production costs.

On August 16, Gyeonggi Province announced that it is supporting technology convergence verification for industries that plan to introduce virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies to their existing systems.

This support is geared to connect companies that supply VR/AR technologies (“suppliers”) with companies that seek such technologies for verification (“clients”), such as manufacturing and architecture firms, while expanding VR/AR technologies to as many industries as possible.

In June, Gyeonggi Province selected “suppliers” and linked them with “clients,” and finally designated a total of ten consortia consisting of these companies.

The selected consortia will undertake the verification of those technologies as applied to making their operations more innovative and productive through initiatives that include: a VR safety education system for construction sites, a digital twin-bridge maintenance manual, a VR-based real-time drone control system, and a VR manual for the operation and management of enshrinement facilities.

On August 13, Gyeonggi Province held an online project commencement briefing and collected enterprise opinions regarding support for the introduction of new technologies to existing industries. Gyeonggi Province will expand relevant policies.

Lim Mun-yeong, Director General of the Future Growth Policy Bureau of the Gyeonggi Provincial Government, said, “We expect that this support program will foster exemplary cases that will generate practical effects such as increased productivity and reduced costs in existing industrial fields.” He added, “We will actively support successful verifications by each consortium.”