Gyeonggi Province Recruits Private Business for Multicultural Family and Korean-Russian Creator Support Project

Createdd 2020-01-31 Hit 111


○ Open recruitment runs until February 10; application forms and documents to be filled out and submitted to Gyeonggi Provincial Government in person
○ Total of 90 multicultural family and Korean-Russian creators to be selected and provided with support for video content creation

Gyeonggi Province will recruit a private business by February 10 to implement the “2020 Multicultural Digital Content Creation Support Project”.
This project is geared to support the creative activities of multicultural family or Korean-Russian creators living in Gyeonggi Province. This year, it will support the creative activities of 90 multicultural family and Korean-Russian creators with a budget of KRW 200 million.
All private businesses (corporations or organizations) with expertise and networks pertaining to video content and support for one-person media creator activities based in Gyeonggi Province and who have been active in the video industry or similar fields for the past three years can apply for the project.
The tasks to be outsourced to the designated business include selecting and training multicultural family and Korean-Russian creators, mentoring, monthly evaluation of videos introducing Gyeonggi Province’s public policies and tourist attractions, and building archives of the videos. The outsourcing contract ends on December 31, 2020.
Any corporation or organization wishing to apply for the project can download the application form from the announcement category of the Gyeonggi Province website (, complete it and submit it in person along with other required documents to the Gyeonggi Province Contents Policy Team (+82-31-8008-4648). For more information, refer to the recruitment notice on the web site.