Online Content Service “Curious about Gyeonggi-do?” Launched

Createdd 2020-01-30 Hit 270


○ The educational content service “Curious about Gyeonggi-do?” is now available online in relation to an elementary school textbook “Life in Gyeonggi-do”.
○ Linked to the digital database of “Gyeonggi-do Memory”, the service will support 4th-grade elementary school students with their social studies.

Gyeonggi Province announced on January 30 that it has developed educational content under the title of “Curious about Gyeonggi-do?” to help children to better understand the Gyeonggi region, and that the content is now available online.
The content has been designed in consideration of the structure of “Life in Gyeonggi-do”, a localized textbook for elementary school students, so as to be available for use in social studies education in elementary schools. The content was made available online on January 29 in connection with the digital database of “Gyeonggi-do Memory”.
The content assists students in learning the history and culture of Gyeonggi Province and life in the region, developing their practical understanding. “Gyeonggi-do Memory” will provide 1,300 items from its digital database records.
The “Curious about Gyeonggi-do?” content can be coordinated with the chapters of “Life in Gyeonggi-do” so as to be easily used with the textbook. It can also incorporates the 31 counties and cities of the province, as well as themes and reference institutions.
It can be accessed via various mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet PCs. The content service is available under the Online Exhibition category of the Gyeonggi-do Memory website (
“The “Curious about Gyeonggi-do?” content was created in connection with the regional database records to help children to learn with the textbook on their own in a fun and interesting way. We will work with the provincial office of education to make the content more useful in the future,” a Gyeonggi Province official said.