Gyeonggi Province Speeds Up to Remove the Vestiges of “Pro-Japanese Culture,” Expecting to Wrap It up by the End of This Year

Createdd 2020-08-12 Hit 22


○ Gyeonggi Province completes the research outsourcing for the remains of pro-Japanese culture
– Completed the survey of 257 pro-Japanese people (15 people in the cultural community), 161 pro-Japanese monuments, 89 school songs, and 12 school symbols
○ Public project to support the private sector to remove the pro-Japanese cultural and artistic remnants (worth 745 million won for 14 organizations) and the third public subscription is underway.
○ Started a project to build an archive for pro-Japanese cultural remnants in Gyeonggi Province (preservation of records)

Gyeonggi Province announced on the 12th that it is actively promoting a project to remove the remnants of pro-Japanese culture launched last year with the aim of completing it by the end of this year, so as to eradicate the pro-Japanese cultural remains that have been deeply established in our lives.

Among the projects to remove the remnants of pro-Japanese culture, the outsourced research on the investigation of the vestiges of pro-Japanese culture was completed in April, and projects to remove the remnants of Japanese colonial rule in the culture and arts sector and to build and utilize records of pro-Japanese cultural remnants are under progress.

In the outsourced research on the remnants of pro-Japanese culture in Gyeonggi Province, the range of region and terms regarding Japanese Colonial Era in our daily lives have been redefined with the following investigation results: 257 pro-Japanese figures (15 cultural figures including Lee Heung-ryul, Hyun Je-myung, and Lee Kwang-soo); pro-Japanese cultural monuments (memorial monuments and commemorative monuments); 89 school songs composed by pro-Japanese figures, and 12 school symbols shaped to portray the Japanese imperialism.

With the results of these outsourced investigations and researches, the public contest for the removal of the remnants of pro-Japanese culture and arts was held for the private sector so as to promote the development and utilization projects of various content based on the removal of the remnants of pro-Japanese culture. 14 organizations were selected through the 1st and 2nd public subscriptions, and were provided with 745 million won for the following projects: let’s find out, inform, and removeing the pro-Japanese remnants in our lives (by Gyeonggi Culture and Tourism Research Project Group);developing materials for history education for the removal of pro-Japanese remnants in the arts sector (by Archiprom), and producing videos on the pro-Japanese remnants and anti-Japanese struggle in Gyeonggi Province are underway. The 3rd public contest is being devised to spread the sympathy among the provincial residents.

The project to build archives for pro-Japanese cultural remnants in Gyeonggi Province is building content related to developing a system that records, preserves, and manages the pro-Japanese cultural remnants as digital data by building a database, developing a portal service, introducing an integrated search, and promoting an exhibition, promotion, education, and participation. The matters related to enhancing user access and sharing information will be completed by the end of this year.

In addition, the provincial government is also conducting the ‘”air public contest for new songs of Gyeonggi Province” and the “campaign to eradicate the remaining terms of Japanese colonial rule.”

Oh Tae-seok, Director of the Culture, Sports and Tourism Bureau in Gyeonggi Province, said, “Based on the results of the outsourced investigations and researches, we will spread the consensus among provincial residents through content development and utilization projects,” adding, “We will strive to promote patriotism by moving away from intermittently raising the issue of the eradication of the remnants of Japanese colonial rule as in the past to put our effort into a campaign of continuous practice.”