Gyeonggi Province Targets Southeast Asian Markets, Recruits Businesses for ASEAN Trade Delegation

Createdd 2022-08-24 Hit 23


○ Businesses to participate in Gyeonggi Province’s ASEAN FTA Trade Delegation for 2022
– 6-day mission to Kuala Lumpur and Ho Chi Minh from November 21 to 26 (Monday to Saturday)
○ Support provided for local buyer consultations, interpreters, meeting rooms and vehicle rentals

Gyeonggi Province and the Gyeonggi-do FTA Business Center will recruit Gyeonggi-based SMEs for a mission targeting ASEAN markets until August 30.
Gyeonggi Province’s ASEAN FTA Trade Delegation will visit Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City) and Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) during a 6-day mission (November 21 to 26) to cultivate new buyers.
The delegation will comprise 12 Gyeonggi-based SMEs selected in consideration of their exports, international standard certifications, domestic patents, marketability in local markets, and certificates from public institutions.
Once businesses are selected, they will be provided with amenities and services including a meeting room, one-on-one buyer matching, interpretation, and vehicle rentals. However, airfare, travel expenses and taxes arising in customs clearance are to be individually paid by the participating businesses.
Gyeonggi-based SMEs with offices or factories in the province that exported goods valued at less than USD 20 million in 2021 are eligible to apply.
Those wishing to participate can visit the egBiz website ( to apply for the FTA trade delegation until August 30. Company information and evaluation documents are required for application submission.
Taking this opportunity, Gyeonggi Province will promote exemplary products made by provincial SMEs, fostering export opportunities and providing follow-up support so that the buyer consultations can lead to signed contracts. In addition, the province will encourage the participating businesses to improve cost-competitiveness by offering FTA consultation services.
Director Park Keon-kyun of Gyeonggi Province’s Foreign Affairs and Trade Division said, “The importance of ASEAN markets has grown due to disruptions in global supply chains, driven by the COVID-19 pandemic and the US–China trade conflict, “adding” Gyeonggi Province will stand at the forefront to target ASEAN markets which have ever-growing purchasing power.”
Gyeonggi Province has organized eight trade delegations in total (7 virtual meetings, 1 local dispatch) so far this year, supporting 105 companies. It plans to organize six more trade delegations before the end of the year with destinations that include Eastern Europe from September 19 to 23, the Commonwealth of Independent States from October 9 to 15, and Japan in November.