Gyeonggi Province Holds Technical Conference on Air Pollution Control for Economic and Environmental Protection

Createdd 2022-08-26 Hit 27


○ Gyeonggi Province hosts a technical conference to foster and expand highly efficient and optimized air pollution control facilities while addressing local complaints and environmental issues.
– Announcement of eight new technologies (five for asphalt, two for dyeing, one for printing) and Q&A with experts

Gyeonggi Province announced on August 26 that it is hosting two rounds of the 2022 Technical Conference for Air Pollution Control Facilities to identify and promote the latest air pollution control facilities.
The conference is being held to respond to growing complaints about businesses that emit high levels of asphalt and other pollutants as well as to identify and promote air pollution control facilities that utilize new methods and the latest technologies.
Gyeonggi Province livestreamed the presentations of four technical businesses related to asphalt, dyeing and printing on its official YouTube channel on August 25, and plans to livestream another four businesses at 1 PM on August 30. Those interested in viewing the conferences can search for “Gyeonggi Provincial Government” or “Gyeonggi Province Technical Conference on Air Pollution Control Facilities” on YouTube.
Gyeonggi Province previously planned the staging of the technical conferences through two advisory meetings with environmental experts and publicly recruited relevant businesses during a 30-day period. To ensure fairness and objectivity, the participating businesses supplemented their self-reported air pollution test results in the presence of public officials, and eight businesses were eventually selected for conference participation.
The technical conferences consist of presentations by participating businesses and Q&A sessions with experts so that the pros and cons of new methods and the latest technologies for air pollution control facilities can be identified. Gyeonggi Province expects this to be an opportunity to reduce pollutants and change negative public perceptions of pollutant-emitting businesses by reinforcing environment-friendly industries and introducing new technologies.
Director Kim Sang-cheol of Gyeonggi Province’s Environmental Safety Management Division said, “There are limits on the reduction of pollutants by air pollution control facilities that use outdated technologies, “adding, “We expect the technical conferences will enable advanced new technologies to be applied on site, cutting air pollutants and improving air quality.