Gyeonggi Province to print multilingual garbage bags to prevent illegal waste disposal by foreigners

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○ Multilingual garbage bags to prevent illegal waste disposal by foreigners and encourage proper use of authorized garbage bags
– Printed in English, Chinese and Japanese, including garbage bag labels, disposal times, disposable items, fines
○ Currently applied or to be applied in 25 cities and counties

On November 9, Gyeonggi Province announced its initiative to print multilingual garbage bags, including English and Chinese, for use in the province so as to prevent the illegal disposal of domestic waste and promote proper recycling among foreigners.

According to a provincial official, eight cities and counties (i.e. Suwon, Bucheon, Hwaseong, Ansan, Pyeongtaek, Gwangmyeong, Gunpo, and Dongducheon) have already implemented the use of multilingual garbage bags. As multilingual signs have become more common due to the rising number of foreign residents, Gyeonggi Province decided to do the same for its garbage bags.

As part of preliminary work, Gyeonggi Province drafted English and Chinese translations of garbage bag labels and instructions on how to dispose of waste, which have been distributed to its 31 cities and counties. The province is currently looking into best practices and garbage bag designs to share with cities and counties so as to encourage province-wide implementation.

After the preliminary work, 17 additional cities and counties – including Goyang, Yongin, Seongnam, Namyangju, Siheung, Paju, Uijeongbu, Gimpo, Gwangju, Osan, Yangju, Icheon, Guri, Anseong, Gapyeong, Gwacheon, and Yeoncheon – decided to join the initiative.

Suwon added Vietnamese along with English and Chinese texts, and plans to insert easy-to-understand visual aids. Gimpo has plans to insert QR codes along with English text. Siheung and Paju are modifying their ordinances in accordance with this plan, and other regions, including Anseong (to add English, Chinese, and Russian), are taking part as well.

The production of authorized garbage bags is determined by individual city and county ordinances according to guidelines on the implementation of paid garbage bags. Therefore, the implementation times, garbage bag types, and other specifics may vary depending on the related ordinances.

Lim Yang-seon, Director for Resource Recirculation of the Gyeonggi Provincial Government, said, “We will strive for positive effects, such as proper recycling and waste reduction, by constantly promoting proper waste disposal among foreigners.”