Gyeonggido Job Foundation launches ‘Good Actions Through Clothes’ campaign for social contributions

Createdd 2021-12-15 Hit 14


○ Gyeonggido Job Foundation implements environmental, social and corporate governance practices through launch of clothing recycling campaign
– 300 personnel participate in ‘Good Actions Through Clothes’ campaign

The Gyeonggido Job Foundation launched the ‘Good Actions Through Clothes’ campaign as part of its social contribution initiatives.

The foundation delivered 300 articles of clothing donated by 300 employees along with 30 boxes of personal COVID-19 quarantine supplies to OTCAN (a nonprofit organization) on December 15. The donated goods will be used to help vulnerable members of society living in welfare blind spots both in Korea and abroad.

‘Good Actions Through Clothes’ represents the Gyeonggido Job Foundation’s goal of creating good jobs and OTCAN’s goal of contributing to communities through clothing.

According to the foundation, this campaign is geared to implement sustainable practices and raise public awareness about environmental issues. In practice, reusing (recycling) 1 kilogram of clothing is equivalent to planting more than 2.4 million trees per year.

Gyeonggido Job Foundation CEO Je Yoon-kyung said, “This campaign is intended to benefit people and the environment based on environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) practices,” adding, “We will actively carry out activities that benefit the environment and society.”

This year, the Gyeonggido Job Foundation has been supporting local communities through a variety of community services such as blood drives, talent donations for story-telling, and volunteer work on farms for eco-friendly school meals.