“New Gyeonggi Song” composed by residents registered as official provincial symbol

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○ The new Gyeonggi song (“Rest in Gyeonggi”), the winning work of a contest held in 2020, was selected after the previous provincial song was revealed to be the work of a pro-Japanese composer; registered as the 8th symbol in the Management Ordinance of the Symbols of Gyeonggi Province
○ Ordinance amendment passed during Gyeonggi Provincial Assembly general meeting on December13; expected to be proclaimed on January 3, 2022
○ Single album and other contents by famous artists under consideration to promote the song among residents

“Rest in Gyeonggi,” the new song of Gyeonggi Province, was written and composed by provincial residents who participated in the entire process, from writing and composition to judging. The song is set to become the 8th official symbol of the province after the Gyeonggi flag and provincial font (Gyeonggi Cheonnyeon).

The Gyeonggi Provincial Government announced that the partially amended Management Ordinance of the Symbols of Gyeonggi Province, which stipulates the province’s symbols, was passed during the Gyeonggi Provincial Assembly general meeting on December 13 and will be officially proclaimed on January 3, 2022.

The previous provincial song was removed in 2019 because of controversy over the pro-Japanese background of its composer. The provincial government subsequently hosted a contest throughout 2020 to select a song that best symbolizes the province.

Out of 1,529 lyrical works, three were chosen, and 1,084 musical compositions were submitted for the three selected works. With famous Korean composer Yoon Il-sang chairing the judging committee, screening by experts and resident judges as well as online voting took place for the works. The lyrics by Kim Ji-hoon and the musical composition by Onong Project won the contest finals to become the song “Rest in Gyeonggi.” The song consists a cheerful melody as well as easy and comforting words that liken the province to a “house.”

Following its registration as a symbol, the new Gyeonggi song will be systematically managed by the Gyeonggi-do Symbol Management Committee in line with other provincial symbols; it will also be actively used in various projects and events.

To encourage residents to sing the new provincial song, the Gyeonggi Provincial Government plans to register the music source and score on its website (gg.go.kr) and will produce single albums by famous artists. The province is also considering the production of a wide variety of song-related contents in which residents can participate.

Lee Sung-ho, Director General of Gyeonggi Province’s Public Relations Planning Bureau, said, “With the registration of the new Gyeonggi song as a provincial symbol, we will make it a song treasured by all residents. Through this song, we will unite all Gyeonggi residents and establish a brand in which residents can take pride.”

The seven symbols of the province are its flag, emblem, brand, tree (ginkgo), bird (dove), flower (forsythia), and font (Gyeonggi Cheonnyeon). The flag, emblem and brand are provincial symbols derived from the Korean consonants in the name “Gyeonggi-do” (“ㄱㄱㄷ”).