KGC helps 60 social enterprises find online markets

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○ Gyeonggi-do Socially Valuable Product PR and Support Project runs in second half of 2021
– Online submissions received until 6 p.m. on August 16
○ Selection of 60 companies for product sale assistance via ChakChakChak and online market identification

Gyeonggi Province and Korea Gyeonggido Company (KGC) are supporting socially valuable product manufacturers in Gyeonggi Province that are taking the lead in realizing social values by assisting such companies with market identification and domestic demand promotion.

On August 11, KGC announced that it will operate the Gyeonggi-do Socially Valuable Product PR and Support Project in the second half of 2021 and recruit participating companies in Gyeonggi Province.

This project benefits socially valuable product manufacturers that have head offices or plants in Gyeonggi Province, including social enterprises, cooperatives, community businesses, self-sufficiency companies, enterprises owned or operated by individuals with disabilities, production facilities of goods made by severely disabled individuals, and senior job agencies.

Through this project, KGC supports 60 companies in two fields. It will help 50 companies open online stores on “ChakChakChak,” a Gyeonggi e-commerce website for socially valuable products. It will also support entry by 10 companies into online markets through e-commerce and home shopping channels.

Enterprises seeking to participate in this project should submit an application and other required documents, such as their product profile, via the KGC website ( before 6 p.m. on August 16.

Successful candidates will be selected through document screening and a qualitative evaluation by a selection committee. Evaluations will be conducted on the basis of product competitiveness, reliability, necessity for support, and expected effects.

Selected candidates will be announced via the KGC website within three weeks of the application deadline.

Lee Seok-hun, CEO of KGC, said, “The Korea Gyeonggido Company is providing diverse support in order to enhance the sales and self-sustainability of socially valuable product manufacturers in Gyeonggi Province. We believe that many companies will apply for this project and expand their markets.”