Province holds the untact ‘Online Job Fair for International Students’ using kiosks

Createdd 2020-09-21 Hit 21


○ The untact ‘Online Job Fair for International Students’ held for two days from September 23 to 24.
– Untact interviews carried out for students and companies, with the kiosks (computer automation system) at Kyonggi University and Shinhan University.

The Gyeonggi provincial government announced that it will hold the ‘Online Job Fair for International Students 2020’ for international students at universities in the province from the 23rd to the 24th.

The job fair is designed to help companies in the province that wish to enter emerging markets to hire outstanding international students who are well-conversant with local affairs, and to prevent illegal aliens with job matching through the right channels for international students.

Fifteen companies, including companies seeking to enter overseas markets and promising companies, including Nota Inc. and Ih Hwa Industries Co. Ltd., will participate, with over 80 international students in the province visiting.

Students based in the southern part will be able to participate in the job fair at Kyonggi University, while those in the southern part will be welcome to visit Shinhan University. Using unmanned kiosks, computer automation systems installed in universities, students will be able to select a company that they are interested in, and then interview questions entered by companies in advance will be provided on the kiosk for students to provide answers. All interviews will be video recorded, and companies will proceed with the recruitment after checking the recorded videos.

An official from Gyeonggi-do said, “We prepared an untact job fair to offer a great opportunity to help both the international students who are having difficulty finding jobs due to COVID-19 and the companies in the province that are preparing to make inroads into overseas markets.”