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The Gyeonggido Job Foundation is launching the special theme center JOBaba ‘Global Talent Cultivation Project’ for university students seeking to apply for jobs overseas just as university summer break begins.

The special theme center is comprised of information and media reports on topics ranging from overseas employment expositions, overseas employment education, overseas training, volunteer service, and more, not only within Korea, but also in other countries around the world. This makes it an ideal guide for university students seeking to work abroad.

An examination of the main contents reveals information about overseas employment expositions with strategies for overseas employment, such as the Canada Employment Immigration Information Session (June 23), the Middle East Employment Strategy Information Session (June 27), the Ireland Working Holiday + Language Training Seminar (June 30), the USA Employment Strategy Information Session (7.25), and more. There is information regarding how and when to register for each exposition or event, and the homepage each managing agency is provided.

There is a Japanese IT training program that connects overseas employment with education. This government-funded program consists of 8 months of Java programming and Japanese language study in Korea; it then connects participants with a Japanese IT corporation and an emerging local enterprise. Applications for the program are being accepted until July 9.

In addition, participants are being recruited for the ‘Global Job Discovery’ consulting program for youths hoping to secure employment in Japan. Global Job Discovery is a program run by the Gyeonggido Job Foundation that offers one-on-one resume review and pre-interview consulting, Japanese local interview fee assistance, and employment agency linkage.

Eligible participants include youths and (future) university graduates 34 years of age or younger who live in Gyeonggi Province and are able to compose documents and communicate in Japanese at a business level. Applications are being accepted until July 2.

Overseas volunteer and support activities include ‘Dreamers in Their 20s Only,’ a combination of European travel and language training, and ‘Oxfam Student Activists,’ a global university student network program for antipoverty movements. In addition, diverse information regarding successful overseas employment, such as national funding application processes, education courses, language education, and more, are available through the Theme Planning Center.

Further information can be obtained by visiting the Job Dictionary > Theme Information section of the Jobaba website (