The Start-up Campus is going to be transformed into a start-up playground full of ideas.

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○ Gyeonggi Province is promoting a project to renovate the start-up incubation space, Start-up Campus, into a the Gyeonggido Start-up Hub.
– It is going to create a community-shaped start-up incubation space based on diversity and inclusiveness regardless of age, educational background, or gender.
– A start-up incubation space which will reflect the start-up life cycle (preparation-launch-growth) will be created.

The start-up hub representing Gyeonggido, the Start-up Campus, is going to go be renovated in March next year to be reborn as a more effective start-up space.

On the afternoon of the 14th, Gyeonggi Province held the Execution Briefing for the Start-up Campus Upgrade Plan at the Start-up Campus, located in Pangyo, and had the chance to share various opinions on the composition of the space.

Since its establishment in March, 2016, in Pangyo Tech Valley, Seongnam-si, the Start-up Campus has played the role of being the central start-up hub in Gyeonggido, helping future entrepreneurs create their own businesses and products, attract investors, and expand to overseas markets, and so on.

However, it has been steadily suggested that its function needs to be reinforced to include nurturing start-ups so they may become potential global businesses, in response to the rapidly changing start-up environment, beyond the simple provision of start-up education.

Through the upgrade, the province plans to transform the space to a start-up hub which connects various start-up incubation facilities spread throughout different regions. In addition, it plans to secure as much space as possible for the start-up incubation space to provide opportunities for a greater number of start-ups to move in.

In particular, it plans to form a diverse community that can be entered into by anyone who wishes to realize their dream of starting a business, regardless of age, gender, or educational background. For this, a space exclusively for prospective female entrepreneurs will be created as well as a start-up incubation space for start-ups targeting international markets.

In addition, some of the walls and partitions will be removed to create a more open space where start-ups can interact and cooperate more freely.

Considering the life cycle of start-ups, namely the preparation, launch, and growth stages, the first floor will be used as a start-up networking space, the second floor as a training and education, the third floor as a training and education space for start-ups in the pre-launch stage, the fourth floor as a start-up support space, and the fifth floor as a training and education space for start-ups in the growth phase, and finally the eighth floor will be used as a training and education space for start-ups that are attempting to enter the global market.

The province plans to complete the upgrade by March 2020. It will also establish a start-up support system encompassing online and offline services in connection with the Gyeonggi Start-up Platform, an online start-up platform that will open in November this year.

A representative of Gyeonggi Province said, “Renovating the space will lead to the activation of cooperation and communication between start-ups, and to more creative ideas. We will try to make the Start-up Campus a playground for start-ups where they can work and have fun at the same time.”