The much-anticipated Suin Line, a long-desired wish of southwestern Gyeongggi-do residents, fully opens all sections for the first time in 25 years.

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○ All sections begin operations following the opening of the third section of the Suin Line (19.9 km from Suwon Station to Hanyang University at Ansan Station) on the 12th.
– The time required to travel between Incheon to Suwon will be reduced by about 20 minutes from 90 minutes to 70 minutes.
– Its direct connection to the Bundang Line allows passengers to travel from Incheon to Suwon to Wangsimni in just one ride.

On the 12th, the entire section of the urban railroad that connected Suwon and Incheon in Gyeonggi-do will begin operation again 25 years since the closing of the Suin Line.
The “Suin Line Double Track Railroad Construction Project” is a project to convert narrow gauge railroads that had been in operation until 1995 since its opening in 1937 into double track railroads, thereby connecting a total of 52.8 km from Suwon Station to Incheon Station via Ansan and Siheung.

Previously, the section between Songdo Station and Oido Station (13.2 km) was opened in June 2012 as the first stage of the project, while the section running between Songdo Station and Incheon Station (7.3 km) was opened subsequently in February 2016 as the second stage. The entire section has now fully opened has opened as the third stage, stretching over 19.9 km between Suwon Station and Handae Station.

The Ansan section (12.4 km) connecting Oido Station and Handae Station uses the existing urban railroad.

The opening of the entire section is expected to result in the establishment of a circular railroad network connecting Suwon, Hwaseong and Ansan in southwestern Gyeonggi-do to remove blind spots in public transportation in the West Suwon area.

In particular, although it took 90 minutes to travel from Incheon Station to Suwon Station via Guro Station on Line 1, passengers are now expected to arrive at the same destination in 70 minutes, which is about 20 minutes less.

In addition, the Suin Line (52.8 km between Suwon Station and Incheon Station) and Bundang Line (52.9 km between Suwon Station and Wangsimni Station) are now directly connected, allowing residents in southwestern Gyeonggi-do to commute to and from Seoul without any need to transfer during their travel.

Meanwhile, the opening ceremony of the Suin Line was held at Gosaek Station on the afternoon of the 10th under the auspices of the Korea Rail Network Authority. Initially, it was planned as an event for local residents to participate, but its scale was drastically reduced as the event was primarily carried out through contactless promotions due to the implementation of level 2.5 social distancing and to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The number of participants was around 13 people, including the Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, the Governor of Gyeonggi-do, local lawmakers, and heads of related small local governments. A simple ribbon-cutting ceremony and a test-drive were conducted.

Governor Lee Jae-myung said in a video congratulatory speech, “We extend our heartiest congratulations on the opening of the entire section of the Suin Line.” “We will make every effort to expand eco-friendly public transportation, including railroads, to ensure that all residents of Gyeonggi-do can have a life with leisurely mornings and evenings and a pleasant round trip.”