Find True Love in the Midst of a Yellow Rapeseed Sea

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Find true love in the midst of a yellow rapeseed sea!

On May 18, the Korea Ceramic Foundation (KCF) opened the Oak Hill Rapeseed Field in Gwangju Gonjiam Ceramic Park, Gyeonggi Province.

As its name implies, the Oak Hill Rapeseed Field is a new rapeseed field of 3,000 pyeong (9,917 square meters) created this year around the 100-year-old, 18-meter high and 15-meter wide oak tree in the park. The KCF decided to develop this area, which had been neglected due to its proximity to a cultural heritage site, into a tourist destination, and planted rapeseed flowers there earlier this year.

The KCF named this place “The Hill of Truth” in reference to the symbolism behind the oak tree, and installed 136 sculptures – including a truth mailbox, “Monument to the Past Century” by the artist Gu Bon-ju, and “Communication” by the artist Cho Sung-mook – at various points around the site.

The truth mailbox is very popular with romantic couples because of a legend that says their love will endure for a long time if they put a written testament to their love in the mailbox and take a photograph with it,.

Korea Ceramic Foundation President Seo Jeong-geol said, “While it was created on the Gwangju Samri Paleolithic Site, a meaningful historical site with 4,000 Paleolithic artifacts, I hope that many people will also show interest in the Oak Hill Rapeseed Field as place of truth.”

Located inside the Gwangju Gonjiam Ceramic Park, visitors to the Oak Hill Rapeseed Field will also be able to enjoy the Gyeonggi Ceramic Museum, the Clay Play experiential room, and the Gwangju Royal Ceramic Sales Shop.

Starting with this rapeseed field, the KCF plans to open a large-scale ecological park before the end of the year with a hydrangea habitat, a red poppy habitat, a buckwheat field, sunflower field, and more.

People can visit Gonjiam Ceramic Park’s Oak Hill Rapeseed Field free of charge.