Great Gyeonggi Province with K-RUSH The Unit

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The Korean Wave, which started with Korean TV dramas, stars, and music in the early 2000s, has spread across countries, generations and classes, acting as an advance force in the introduction of Korean culture to the world.

Having spread to nearby Asian countries including Japan and China and reaching Europe, the USA, South America, Africa, Central Asia and Southeast Asia as well, the Korean Wave has encompassed countries and cities that we couldn’t have before imagined being influenced, conveying Korea as it goes.

KBS aired an audition program for established idol group members called “Idol Rebooting Project: The Unit” from October 28, 2017, to February 10, 2018. Members of the groups UNB and Uni.T, which arose from new combinations through this program, were entrusted with the mission of being honorary ambassadors for Gyeonggi Province and are introducing attractions across the province.

Where are The Unit’s true hot spots around Gyeonggi Province?

Episode 1 / Anseong / Farmland (March 16)
Episode 2 / Pyeongtaek / Utdari Cultural Village and Gukje Market (March 23)
Episode 3 / Gimpo / Hamsang Park (March 30)
Episode 4 / Bucheon / Korea Manhwa Museum (April 6)
Episode 5 / Pocheon / Hantangang River Geopark (April 13)
Episode 6 / Namyangju / Mongolia Culture Town (April 20)
Episode 7 / Siheung / Oido Island (April 27)
Episode 8 / Ansan / Multicultural Food Street and World Culture Experience Center (May 4)
Episode 9 / Uiwang / Wangsong Lake, Uiwang Sky Rail, etc. (May 11)
Episode 10 / Suwon / Hwaseong Fortress, Suwon Fried Chicken Street, etc. (May 18)