Gyeonggi Province’s first 2018 Historical and Cultural Tour for North Korean refugee women

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The Gyeonggi Women’s Vision Center will hold this year’s first Historical and Cultural Tour in areas of Hwaseong and Yongin on April 14 for 30 North Korean refugee women and their families.

The Women’s Vision Center has been operating a counseling center for North Korean refugee women since 2013. Last year, it launched its first Historical and Cultural Tour in an effort to support the stable settlement of North Korean refugee women and their families residing in the province.

Realized in cooperation with Gyeonggi Province’s Hana Center (four offices), this Historical and Cultural Tour was designed to strengthen North Korean refugee women’s community attachment and ease their social integration by teaching them about the regional history and culture.

This year, a total of eight trips are being organized for 240 participants: five “Day Trips” (Yeoncheon, Ansan, Suwon, Hwaseong, Namyangju) and three “Two-day, One-night Trips” (Hwaseong/Yongin, Yeoju, Yangpyeong). The upcoming Two-day, One-night Trip is planned around the theme “Historical and Cultural Tour of the Joseon Dynasty” and will take the participants to Hwaseong’s Yunggeolleung (Yungneung and Geolleung Royal Tombs) and Yongjusa Temple, as well as the Korean Folk Village where they will be able to experience Korean traditional culture.

More information about the yearly schedule can be obtained by visiting the Gyeonggi Women’s Vision Center website ( or by calling 031-8008-8034/5.