Visit Gyeonggi Peace Plaza, a New Landmark in Northern Gyeonggi Province, this November 24

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To commemorate current inter-Korea exchange and cooperation, Gyeonggi Province is opening Gyeonggi Peace Plaza as a symbol of peace on the Korean Peninsula. In celebration of the plaza’s opening, the province is hosting a festival for residents in November.

Opening officially to the public on November 24, Gyeonggi Peace Plaza is located in front of the Northern Gyeonggi Provincial Government Complex in Uijeongbu City. It has a total area of 22,986 square meters, which is approximately 1.7 times larger than the Seoul Plaza (13,207 square meters).

The plaza was given the name ‘Gyeonggi Peace Plaza’ to symbolize Gyeonggi Province’s position as Korea’s starting point for peace and a leader of peace. The name was chosen after extensive consideration of options selected from among entries to a public naming contest in conjunction with preference research and surveys.

Gyeonggi Peace Plaza has been designed as a space that can be enjoyed by anyone in the province. The plaza offers amenities that include: a pavilion, recreational forest, water facilities, terrace for residents, grass plaza, performance street, and more.

Residents of Gyeonggi Province can enjoy cultural activities such as small concerts, discussion forums, seminars, and more in a multipurpose space that can also host lectures and exhibitions.

The three-day festival will be held in conjunction with the opening of the plaza from November 23 to 25 under the slogan “Let’s Head to Gyeonggi Peace Plaza.” There will be several programs at the festival for visitors.

The opening ceremony will be held on November 24 at 2pm on a stage installed for the festival. A number of dignitaries will participate in the ceremony including: Gyeonggi Province Governor Lee Jae-myung, members of the provincial and national assemblies, mayors of 10 cities and counties in northern Gyeonggi, provincial residents of North Korean origin, North Korean defectors, US Armed Forces personnel, and representatives of the National Unification Advisory Council, adding further symbolic significance to the plaza.
The ceremony will begin with a grand parade by a military band, followed by congratulatory performances by the female singing group GFriend, Hong Jin Young, and the male idol group SF9. During the festival, there will be a Youth Fringe Festival, in which youths can showcase their passion and talents on stage, and a university culture festival, as well as an art festival for provincial residents and local artists, all of which will add to the excitement of this celebratory festival.

In addition, special cultural programs will be held during the festival including the Cultural Art Workshop, Dreaming Playground, Culture and Art Flee Market, Eurasia Photography Exhibit and more. There will also be a sales event in celebration of the opening of the Gaesong Industrial Complex, an event co-hosted by the Seoul, Incheon, and Gyeonggi Province branches of the national Hanwoo Association. The Gyeonggi Turtle Family Marathon Competition, Romantic Object Photo Zone, Night Illumination and other events will also be held for the enjoyment of local residents.

A Gyeonggi Province official said, “Gyeonggi Peace Plaza is an open space for interaction and communication among provincial residents, as well as a culturally and historically significant cornerstone for the development of the northern region,” The official added, “The province anticipates enthusiastic public participation at this festival filled with diverse events.”