Provision of support for duck farming

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– Rice produced from duck farming is sold for 26% more than ordinary rice
– The Gyeonggi Provincial Office provides support for 765 farmers engaged in duck farming (upon 589ha) within 25 cities and regional administrative districts.

As part of the drive for environmental-friendly farming and the achievement of higher income for farmers, the Provincial Office plans to provide \566 million in financial support this year to local citizens engaged in duck farming (ducks released in rice paddies provide nutrients to the plants with their excrement and catch harmful worms).
Between 2000 and 2002, the Office provided \1,011 million in financial support to farmers engaged in duck farming upon a total of 1,160ha of rice paddies.

Duck farming is hailed as a method that, figuratively speaking, kills two birds with one stone: farmers using this method do not have to apply agrichemicals, herbicides or insecticides to their crops. At the same time, it also contributes to the enhancement of farmers’ incomes, as rice produced from duck farming is sold for 26% more than ordinary rice (\66,000 for a 20kg bag).

Mr. Lee Soo-hwi, Head of the Agricultural Produce Distribution Department, said that environmental-friendly farming methods, including duck farming, should be encouraged more strongly in terms of the need to protect consumers and the environment, despite the fact that rice produced using these methods is somewhat more expensive.