Humanitarian medical service in Iraq continues

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-The 4th group (22 members) of Gyeonggi Province’s Global Care Joint Medical Service Volunteers left for Iraq on June 20
-The 1st and 2nd groups have already returned home after treating a total of 2,766 people.

The 4th group of Gyeonggi Province’s Global Care Joint Medical Service Volunteers left for Baghdad via Jordan to enter Iraq on June 20, consisting of a group of 7 doctors (including one Korean traditional medical doctor), 8 nurses, one pharmacist and administrative staff. This latest delegation will replace the 3rd group, which has been providing medical services to the Iraqi people since May 30.

The group will provide medical services in cooperation with local medical institutions in Iraq, including preventive measures against infectious diseases, particularly in villages that have not been able to enjoy proper medical care. Care will be effectuated on the basis of activities built up by the earlier Korean delegations.

The first group (20 members) returned home on May 14 after treating 1,400 Iraqis. The second group (20 members) headed back to Korea a few weeks later on June 3 after treating 1,366 people. The third group (22 members) departed from Seoul on May 30. and is currently carrying out activities in Sadar City under a schedule to return home on June 24.

The Gyeonggi Province Global Care Joint Medical Service Volunteers arrived in Iraq before any other international groups to provide humanitarian medical service in the wake of the recent war, and were heartily welcomed by the Iraqi citizens.

This provision of humanitarian aid for people in need is expected to enhance the prestige of Korea and the province and be the basis for international cooperation in the future.

The volunteers plan to send one more group (the 5th) of medical teams to treat sick and wounded Iraqis, particularly in Sadar City.