Eight Gyeonggi-based Businesses Realize Export Consultations Worth USD 7.93M at ASD Market Week in Las Vegas

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○ Gyeonggi Province sets up booth for ASD Market (August 21 to 24, 2022) in Las Vegas
– 8 Gyeonggi-based SMEs participate, recording 249 consultations valued at USD 7,935,100
– Wide range of consumer goods displayed including hair/beauty, kitchenware/dishware, and athletic products
○ In-person meetings with export and distribution companies from the US and Latin America under full COVID-19 protocols

Eight SMEs of Gyeonggi Province participated in 249 export consultations valued at USD 7,935,100 during ASD Market Week, North America’s largest consumer trade show.
Gyeonggi Province announced on August 26 that it operated a booth at ASD Market Week 2022 in Las Vegas from August 21 to 24.
More than 1,500 businesses from 75 countries participated in the trade show with 4,200 booths, showcasing a variety of consumer goods, including gifts, promotional/advertising, stationary/character, cosmetic/beauty, home fashion/interior, and food products.
Eight provincial SMEs that have competitiveness in quality displayed a variety of products at Gyeonggi Province’s booth, including dishware, kitchenware, and nail care items, as well as athletic and packaging products, garnering substantial attention.
These businesses said participation in the trade show provided a valuable opportunity to explore North American market entry and understand the latest global trends.
An official from company A who participated at Gyeonggi Province’s booth said, “I was able to get in touch with export and distribution companies in the US as well as Latin America by participating in ASD Market 2022… This was a great chance for me to set a marketing strategy direction based on the latest trends in the local consumer electronics industry.”
Gyeonggi Province and the Korea International Trade Association (KITA) were given considerable recognition since they supported not only the installation and operation of local booths but also translators, buyer consultations, shuttles, one-way airfare and more.
Considering that buyers are increasingly opting for high quality Korean products as substitutes for Chinese imports in the wake of the US–China trade conflict, Gyeonggi Province expects that this initiative will serve as a stepping stone for North American market entry by Gyeonggi-based businesses.
Gyeonggi Province will maximize the results by supporting the participating businesses with the completion of contracts and relevant documents as well as export-related post-management including certifications.
Director Park Keon-kyun of Gyeonggi Province’s Foreign Affairs and Trade Division said, “Trade conditions are extremely difficult for Gyeonggi-based SMEs due to surging oil prices, interest rates and exchange rates, limiting their chances to meet overseas buyers in person,” adding, “Moving forward, we will continue to actively encourage participation by Gyeonggi-based SMEs in international exhibitions, enabling their expansion into global markets.”